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Local business and WhatsApp
22 October 2020

Local business and WhatsApp


A business or company which provides its services in specific geographical area is called Local business. Local businesses term is also used to define a franchise in a particular region. If you are dealing into a local area, include WhatsApp into your online marketing campaign to boost the outcome and profits.

WhatsApp is a great tactic to send massive text messages, video and audio clips without any cost. And it works with every smartphone platforms such android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and BlackBerry etc.

Local businesses can advertise WhatsApp number and tell their audience that they can purchase via it. Share images of your products or services in a group of potential audience, interested audience will save the images for further information. Local marketer also send their geographical location with their customers, so that they can visit the store anytime.

Here are some reasons that you should include WhatsApp marketing in your advertising campaign –


Advertise your product:

WhatsApp is the new way to send SMS among your family and friends. But it is also work as crucial advertising tool. You can promote your product in a group or individually. This marketing tool is the best way to one-to-one communication with your customer. There is less sending and receiving restriction than SMS and Emails.

Be aware, don’t send messages everyone and target those customers who are in your contact list because people hate messages from unknown numbers.

Low cost:

Local marketers and businesses can send text, images, audio and video messages with free of cost. WhatsApp consumes internet data to send messages. For very first year, WhatsApp is completely free for Businesses but after completion of a year, they need to pay an annual subscription fee on $0.99 per year. So there is no hidden charges and less costly thanother online advertising methods.

Distinctive communication:

Most of people don’t like to communicate in a group as they got notification when any of the group member send messages. So you can also use WhatsApp to send the promotional messages, banners and videos personally. Personal messages will assist you to build and strengthen relationship with your customers.

Instant reply:

Local businesses and marketer can ask their customer to provide their feedback, reviews via WhatsApp messaging. Request them to send their queries via WhatsApp and reply them as soon as possible after getting the queries. Resolving their issues regarding your product and services can build trust in your local area.



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